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Top 5 Best Nzxt Cases ( Buying Guide )

Everyone who has built a computer in their life knows how hard it can be to choose the right PC case. There are tons of different brands and other minor things to watch out for, such as the ventilation holes and cable holes. NZXT is one of the biggest players in the computer case game.

While NZXT cases are not the best when it comes to airflow, they are certainly one of the most beautiful ones. Their design language and esthetic are similar across the board. They focus on clean-looking cases that will present your hardware as if it were a piece of artwork, instead of just hiding everything behind panels. By reading this you will learn about the best NZXT cases that you can buy today.

Best NZXT Cases in 2022

What To Look For

The first thing that we need to tackle before looking at the best NZXT cases is the size that you need. If you want the best airflow and space for a ton of hardware and a full ATX board, you want to get a full-tower. This is the best choice for enthusiasts and it is especially great if you plan to put an all-in-one CPU cooler or even do a custom water cooling loop. You can fit both hardline and soft tubing without any issues in all full-size NZXT cases.

But if you find full-tower cases to be too large or just can’t fit them anywhere, a mid-tower is the best choice. This is actually the best choice for most people as the size is still large enough to fit everything that you need without compromising on almost anything. All-in-one CPU coolers and almost all large air coolers will fit inside a mid-tower, but doing any custom liquid cooling will be somewhat difficult, though not impossible.

And if you need something even smaller than a mid-tower, a MicroATX case will still get the job done. These cases are usually very small and portable. They use either Mini-ITX or MicroATX motherboards. Most MicroATX cases can fit under your desk or TV without any issues. However, running something so small as a MicroATX case is not ideal. Airflow is compromised and your choice of a CPU cooler will be somewhat limited. Also, you can only fit a few hard drives into a small tower.

But is there anything smaller than a mini-tower, though? Yes, you can also get a Mini-ITX case or even an SFF (small form-factor) case. Both will be even smaller than a MicroATX case because they can only fit a Mini-ITX motherboard that is even smaller. A Mini-ITX case will still do a better job and be able to fit more hardware than an SFF case. Nonetheless, both can be placed pretty much anywhere and are easy to carry around.

Another important consideration when choosing an NZXT case is the “i” at the end of a model name. All NZXT cases come in the i-Series or non i-Series variant. The main differences are the support for a vertical graphics card mount, CAM-powered Smart Device for controlling fans and RGB, and the included RGB strip in the i-Series cases. With all that in mind, here is a list of the best NZXT cases.

Top 5 Best NZXT Cases

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1- Best All-Round, Mid-Tower Case – NZXT H510

Here is one of the best NZXT cases out there. The model comes in two flavors – H510B and H510i. There is also the H510 Elite, but it is much more expensive than either, so we will not be mentioning it here. The H510i will cost around $30 more than the regular H510, but it comes with integrated RGB lighting and a vertical GPU mount. Whether it is worth the extra cost is up to you.

Nonetheless, both cases feature a tempered glass side panel that will present your hardware beautifully and they come in three variants: black, white, and a combination of black and red. They feature USB 3.1 Gen 2 compatibility and a USB-C port. The build quality and features of these cases are simply astonishing. They can fit a Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and full ATX and feature 7 expansion slots. And the cable routing kit will make it easy to do cable management.

The H510 and H510i come with two Aer F120mm fans, so you save some cash there as well. The front panel and PSU intakes have removable filters for easy cleaning. They also come with a removable bracket that can fit a radiator that is up to 280mm, so fitting an AIO cooler or doing a custom loop won’t be an issue in this case. With all features, premium build quality, design, and price taken into consideration, the H510 is one of the best NZXT cases that you can buy.


  • value.
  • Features.
  • Perfect size.
  • Support for water cooling.
  • Premium materials.
  • Design.
  • Cable management.


  • Airflow could be better.
  • Included fans are not outstanding.
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2- Best High-End Case – NZXT H710

NZXT calls the H700 series a full tower, but it is more of a mid-tower case if you ask anyone else. Nonetheless, the NTZXT H710 is slightly larger than the H510. It is made out of SGCC steel and tempered glass that makes it look and feel premium. You can almost say that this is the Rolls-Royce of computer cases. You can fit an EATX (Extended-ATX) motherboard into this case, so an ATX or smaller board will fit in without any issues whatsoever.

Just like with the H510, the H710 comes in two different variants – the i-Series and non i-Series. The same differences apply here: the i-Series adds integrated RGB lighting and a vertical GPU mount. The H710 comes in black, white/black, and red/black. No matter which one you choose, you are guaranteed to get a gorgeous piece of hardware. 

The H710 has amazing cooling support. You can fit up to 6 120mm fans as well as a 140mm fan. The case comes with four Aer 120mm fans. You can fit up to seven 120mm radiators, so fitting a few larger ones won’t be an issue whatsoever. That makes the H710 an amazing case for a custom loop. You also get 7 expansion slots and a great cable routing kit for easy cable management. All in all, this case is amazing. However, the H510 is very similar at half the price.


  • Build quality.
  • Design.
  • Great for a custom loop.
  • Four included case fans.
  • Premium materials.
  • Cable management.
  • Great airflow.


  • Not the best value when compared to the H510
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3- Best Small Form-Factor – NZXT H1

Here is a tiny NZXT case that you can put anywhere – under the TV, inside a closet, or next to your other computer. The NZXT H1 is a tiny vertical chassis that is made of SGCC steel and even has a tempered glass panel, just like all previous best NZXT cases. The tempered glass front panel here is tinted, though, so it might not be the best choice if you want to show off the insides. Also, the case comes in either matte black or matte white, so no colorful options here.

A lot of thought has been put into the design of the H1 and it shows. It’s almost like magic – you can fit almost all large graphics cards here without any problems. Nonetheless, double-checking the size of the graphics card and case is the best thing to do when building a tiny SFF computer. Naturally, only ITX motherboards can be fit into this chassis. The dual-chamber design of the H1 allows the graphics card and CPU to have an independent airflow, so everything will stay cool here.

While the price of the H1 is not cheap by any means, it does come with an integrated 650W 80+ Gold power supply, a pre-installed AIO 140mm liquid CPU cooler, and even has pre-routed cable channels. Anyone who has ever built an SFF computer knows how challenging it can be, but even newcomers are welcome here. All panels have dust filters on all air intakes. You also have space for 2×2.5″ drives and a PCIe riser to mount your graphics card vertically.


  • Amazing airflow for an SFF.
  • Dual-chamber design.
  • Clever design.
  • Pre-routed cables.
  • Great AIO cooler and PSU included.
  • Build quality.


  • Very expensive (especially if you already have a PSU and CPU cooler).
  • Only comes in two colors without a transparent glass panel option.
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4- Best MicroATX Case – NZXT H400

 Here comes the MicroATX segment. These cases are enough for most average gamers as the majority runs a MicroATX motherboard anyway. This is one of the best NZXT cases if you need something smaller than average without any real compromises. Of course, you will always have to give up a little bit of airflow, some expansion slots, and the places where you can mount a radiator or a case fan, but the differences are negligible for everyone but enthusiasts.

This does not mean that the NZXT H400 is tiny and can’t fit anything by any means, though. You can mount up to five 120mm fans, with three Aer F fans already included. You also get four expansion slots, places for three 2.5″ and 1 3.5″ drives, and you can fit a graphics card that is up to 411mm long. You can even mount two 120mm/140mm radiators in the front and a single 120mm in the rear, which is more than enough for a MicroATX board.

Just like with any other NZXT case, you will get SGCC steel and a gorgeous tempered glass side panel to show off your build in its full glory. The cable management is not as easy as on larger cases, but it is not terrible by any means. The case comes in four different color combinations – black/red, white/black, black, and black/blue. You can choose the i-Series or the non i-Series if you want to save a bit of money.


  • Great build quality.
  • Fairly easy cable management.
  • Lots of room for a MicroATX case.
  • Cool design.
  • Decent value.


  • Airflow could be better.
  • Dust filters are not the best.
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5- Best Mini-ITX – NZXT H210

Here is a tiny yet gorgeous case that can fit a Mini-ITX board. While Mini-ITX cases are not as popular as the rest, they certainly have their benefits. This case is much cheaper than the NZXT H1 and it probably has better airflow too because it is a bigger and more traditional case. The case comes with two Aer F 120mm fans and you can also add two 120mm/140mm fans in the front.

The radiator support is excellent for such a small case. You can put one 120mm radiator in the rear and two 120mm in the front. The H210 is one of the best NZXT cases out there, especially at the low price point. With the gorgeous matte SGCC steel and tempered glass, it is comparable to the rest of NZXT’s lineup. However, while the cable management is okay, it is much worse than any other case from this list.

That is because it is the smallest one but the cables are not prerouted, such as those on the H1. The airflow is also not that great because of its physical size, but it should be okay because you will only be using one graphics card. This case is awesome if you want something cheaper and more traditional than the H1 while still being able to carry it around easily.


  • Small size.
  • Two included fans.
  • Decent radiator and fan support.
  • Great build quality.
  • Beautiful esthetic.
  • Good value.


  • Mediocre airflow.
  • Cable management.
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All best NZXT cases from this list feature SGCC steel and tempered glass panels that will make your build stand out. Also, all except for the H1 can be from the i-Series or non i-Series, so you will have plenty of options to choose from.

NZXT is a well-established brand in the PC case market for enthusiasts, especially if you prefer form and build quality over function and optimal airflow. Nonetheless, the cases will do just fine with even very high overclocks and the included case fans are very good.

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