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Top 5 Best Wall Mount PC Case ( Buying Guide )

If you want to have a unique PC that also does not take up much space, then you have probably considered buying the best wall mount PC case. Why have a cool desktop PC on your desk or, even worse, under your desk where it collects dust when you can have it on display right above your monitor?

That’s right, this is a list that will help you pick the best wall mount PC case for your next build. And you won’t even have to spend much more cash than you already would on a traditional case. By reading this article, you will learn everything you need to know to get you started and how to choose the best wall mount PC case for your next PC build.

Considerations Before Building a Wall Mount PC

There are many benefits of going with a wall mount PC, but there are also some downsides. You will be delighted to hear that a wall-mounted PC collects less dust than a PC on a desk would. This is especially true if you planned to put your PC on the floor as that’s where most of the dust is.

The problem becomes even worse if you have a cat or dog that sheds fur. Thankfully, the fur cannot reach your PC unless you let your pet sit on it, which you shouldn’t. Also, wall mounting a PC can allow it to have much better airflow than on or under the desk.

But the most obvious benefit of going with a wall-mounted PC is of course aesthetics. You can look at your gorgeous build all the time as it is pretty much on display. Why have paintings hung on the wall when you can have a sick gaming PC instead? Bonus points if you use a custom water cooling loop and RGB parts!

But what about the disadvantages? The worst part about building a wall-mounted PC build is taking the extra time to prepare everything and to mount the PC. It can be a huge challenge if you are not familiar with drilling. You need to take a lot of time to carefully measure everything and putting the PC onto the wall can be a nightmare.

And if you ever have to take your PC off the wall to change a component or reapply thermal compound, then that can be a challenge as well. But if saving space and having a cool and unique wall-mounted PC is a priority for you, by all means, go for it. The added space on the desk could allow you to have a triple monitor setup or bigger speakers.

Also, keep in mind that you will want to use a PCIe riser cable for your graphics card. This will make your graphics card stand out from the rest, get better airflow, and it won’t put additional strain on the PCIe slot.

Another option that you should consider instead of buying a wall-mountable PC case is to go with a regular one and then buy universal case holders. The best case for this would be the Fractal Design Node 202, which you can learn more about below. So, by now you should know about the pros and cons of wall-mounted builds. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Wall Mount PC Case In 2022

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1- Thermaltake Core P3

The best wall mount PC case overall has to be the famous Thermaltake Core P3 ATX case. There is a good reason why this case is so popular for wall-mounting. The case will not break the bank and it is very versatile. If one day you decide that you want to take the PC off the wall and put it elsewhere, you can do that.

It can be a great horizontal or vertical build in addition to being the best wall mount PC case. You have a bracket attachment and all the holes that you need on the back of the case to mount it onto the wall. You just have to get a high-quality TV wall mount bracket that can support the weight. Remember that most TVs nowadays are quite heavy anyways.

The Thermaltake Core P3 is a standard ATX case, so any motherboard will do just fine. You also have up to 8 expansion slots, support for vertical GPU mounting, and two hidden 3.5″ drive bays that can also double as three 2.5″ ones. Plus, you have space for two 3.5″ or 2.5″ drive bays inside the chassis. That is plenty of storage room for your build.

Of course, the Thermaltake Core P3 is an open design, which allows for plenty of airflow, but may not be that good against dust. And there is a thick glass panel to show off your build on the front. The case is very good for water cooling as it has tons of space and many parts are removable, which makes the case very modular.


  • Modular.
  • Easy to install.
  • Water cooling support.
  • Excellent hardware support.


  • Can be very difficult to assemble.
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2- Thermaltake Core P8

If the Core P3 is not good enough for you and you want something more luxurious, then the high-end Thermaltake Core P8 is for you! This case takes the word “modular” to a whole new level. It has the same basic layout as the P3, but everything is much sleeker. This is thanks to the curved edges and panels that give the case a very modern look.

The Thermaltake Core P8 is so modular that you can turn it into an open-frame design by simply removing the tempered glass panels. Likewise, you can put the glass panels on if you want to slow down dust buildup. Just like the P3, this case can be vertical, horizontal, and wall-mounted. And if you want to do a custom water loop, this is the case to do it in.

You get support for a radiator up to 480 mm at the front and up to 360 mm on the top, which is plenty of space for a high-end build with tons of cooling. Pair this case with some RGB fans and you will have a true masterpiece sitting above your monitor. Speaking of space, this is an E-ATX case, which means that it is very large.

All things considered, this case is a huge step up from the Thermaltake Core P3 and it is the best wall mount PC case for those who want a true high-end case to go with their high-end parts and cooling.


  • Very modular.
  • Very spacious.
  • Great build quality.
  • Stunning.
  • Elegant design.


  • Expensive.
  • Excessively large.
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3- Thermaltake Core P1

“Another Thermaltake case?”, you might ask, but there is a good reason why. Thermaltake is a mainstream brand that is well-known for its great PC cases and they have a whole line dedicated to wall mounting. These cases are well-priced, sleek, well-built, and have standard VESA mounting support built-in. All this makes it extremely difficult not to recommend them.

So, what makes the Thermaltake Core P1 special? As you might have guessed from its name, it is the smallest wall-mountable PC case from Thermaltake. It is the best wall mount PC case as far as Mini-ITX cases are concerned. However, the open frame design of this case allows you to put in pretty much any graphics card without having to worry about dimensions.

There is a riser cable included with the case and support for vertical GPU mounting, which will allow the graphics card to stay cool. There is even support for AIO water cooling up to 240 mm.

Just like other Thermaltake cases, it shares a similar design. There is a tempered glass front, you can mount the case vertically, horizontally, or onto the wall, and there is a surprisingly lot of space for storage, both in front and behind the back panel.

So, the Thermaltake Core P1 is an excellent choice for a Mini-ITX wall-mounted build that will allow you to show off your cool hardware. You surely won’t be disappointed if you go for it.


  • Great airflow.
  • Great use of space.
  • Modular.


  • Hard to build in due to small size.
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4- Fractal Design Node 202

Do you want to build a small PC? Then the Fractal Design Node 202 is the best wall mount PC case for you. It is a sleek-looking Mini-ITX case that does not take up much space. In fact, its volume is only 10.2 liters, which may make it difficult to find an adequate graphics card and CPU cooler. That is the main tradeoff when it comes to small cases.

But it may be a price well worth paying for you if you like sleek, minimalist, tiny cases. Of course, this case can be mounted vertically and horizontally in addition to being wall-mounted. It is important to mention here that the Fractal Design Node 202 is not the easiest case to mount onto the wall as it does not actually come with standard VESA mounting holes.

Instead, you will have to buy an additional solution to mount it. The reason why the Fractal Design Node 202 is on this list is that it is very thin, light, and easy to mount once you have a third-party case holder. It also means that it is the perfect solution for a side-wall PC and it won’t look out of place on the wall below your desk either.


  • Light.
  • Small and portable.
  • Minimalist design.


  • Needs aftermarket mounting solution.
  • Limited graphics card options.
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5- Cooler Master MasterFrame 700

Do you want a sturdy wall-mounted PC case with an industrial design? Then the Cooler Master MasterFrame 700 is the best wall mount PC case for you. It is an open test bench case that has some cool and unique patterns all over it. Cooler Master is a well-established brand and this case shows why. There is a built-in VESA mount which makes mounting this case easy.

What isn’t easy though is everything else. Assembling this case and putting all your hardware in can be a nightmare. Once you are finished, the case will definitely make your build stand out. It is a standard ATX case, which makes it compatible with all but the biggest motherboards out there.

A cool touch that you will certainly appreciate is the labels all over the case that help you mount your hardware. Every hole is labeled to make it easy to find and there is a cool “Designed by Cooler Master” label on the case with some details about the case below it.

Of course, a test bench type of case is great at keeping your system cool. The case has built-in support for custom water cooling with enough space for a radiator with up to three fans, a pump, and a reservoir. All things considered, the Cooler Master MasterFrame 700 is an excellent alternative to the aforementioned Thermaltake cases.


  • Cool design.
  • Great build quality.
  • Sturdy panels.
  • Great cooling support.


  • Heavy.
  • Hard to build in.
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Wall-mounted PC builds are very cool and unique. They allow you to show off your sick gaming rig and high-end PC parts in a special way. Moreover, mounting your case onto the wall has some great advantages, the most significant of which is having more space on or below your desk. For tight spaces, this is a must.

The most popular wall mount PC cases come from Thermaltake. They have taken the market by storm with their P-series and it’s easy to see why. These cases look and feel very premium and sturdy without costing too much.

Most wall-mounted PC builds are similar to open benches, which means that they have great airflow for your fans, but they also collect a lot of dust. A possible solution would be to use glass panels on the Thermaltake Core P8 or to buy a traditional case like the Fractal Design Node 202 and use third-party wall mounts.

Whichever case you choose, have fun building your next PC, and remember to take your time. You only need to mount the case once onto the wall and you should avoid taking it off whenever possible.

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