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Computer Related Full Forms You Should Know

Computers are part of almost everything we do today. In our day-to-day lives, there are many computer related abbreviations used to save time and effort when typing or referring to certain things. Those are the abbreviations we are interested in here. If you come across computer related abbreviations you don’t know about, you can check the corresponding computer related full forms below.

Since there are thousands of computer-related abbreviations, we’ve picked and listed the most important today (2022 and onwards). Here are the most critical computer-related full forms to consider in alphabetical order. We’ve listed the abbreviation and the corresponding full form.

List of Computer Related Full Forms

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “A”

No.Computer Related AbbreviationsComputer Related Full Forms.
1ACPIstands for Advanced Configuration &Power Interface.
2ACLstands for Access Control List.
3AACstands for Advanced Audio Coding.
4ABCstands for Atanasoff-Berry Computer.
5ABIstands for Application Binary Interface.
6ABRstands for Available Bit Rate.
7ADstands for Active Directory.
8ADCstands for Analog to Digital Converter.
9AGAstands for Advanced Graphics Architecture.
10AGPstands for Accelerated Graphics Port.
11AHAstands for Accelerated Hub Architecture.
12AIFFstands for Audio Interchange File-Format.
13AIstands for Artificial Intelligence.
14ALUstands for Arithmetic Logical Unit.
15AMDstands for Advanced Micro Devices.
16AMRstands for Adaptive Multi-Rate
17APIPAstands for Automatic Private Internet – Protocol Addressing.
18APMstands for Advanced Power Management.
19ARPANETstands for Advanced Research Project Agency Network.
20ASCIIstands for American Standard Code Information Interchange.
21ASFstands for Advanced Systems Format.
22ASLstands for Age Sex Location.
23ASRstands for Automated System Recovery.
24ASTstands for Abstract Syntax Tree.
25ATAstands for Advanced Technology Attachment.
26AVCstands for Advanced Video Coding.
27AVIstands for Audio Video Interleave.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “B”

No.Computer Related AbbreviationsComputer Related Full Forms.
1BALstands for Basic Assembly Language.
2BATstands for Microsoft Batch Processing.
3BCCstands for Blind Carbon Copy.
4BCDstands for Binary Coded Decimal.
5BCRstands for Bar Code Reader.
6BERstands for Bit Error Rate.
7BFDstands for Binary File Descriptor.
8BGAstands for Ball Grid Array.
9BGPstands for Border Gateway Protocol.
10BiDistands for Bi-Directional.
11BINACstands for Binary Automatic Computer.
12BIOSstands for Basic Input Output System.
13BLOBstands for Binary large Object.
14BOSSstands for Bharat-Operating System Solution.
15BPIstands for Bytes Per Inch.
16BPSstands for Bits Per Second.
17BSODstands for Blue Screen of Death.
18BTXstands for Balanced Technology Extended.
19BWFstands for Broadcast Wave Format.
20BYstands for Bronto bytes.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “C”

No.Computer Related AbbreviationsComputer Related Full Forms.
1CADstands for Computer Aided Design.
2CAEstands for Computer Aided Engineering.
3CAIstands for Computer Aided Instruction.
4CALstands for Computer Aided Leering.
5CAMstands for Computer Aided Manufacturing.
6CANstands for Campus Area Network.
7CANstands for Controller Area Network.
8CAQAstands for Computer Aided Quality Assurance.
9CASEstands for Computer Aided Software Engineering.
10CBEMAstands for Computer Business Equipment – Manufacturers Association.
11CCDstands for Charged Coupled Device.
12CCSstands for Common Command Set.
13CDstands for Compact Disc.
14CD-Rstands for Compact Disk Recordable.
15CD-ROMstands for Compact Disk-Read Only Memory.
16CDNstands for Content Delivery Network.
17CGAstands for Color Graphics Array.
18CGIstands for Common Gateway Interface.
19CIDRstands for Classless Inter-Domain Routing.
20CIFSstands for Common-Internet File System.
21CISCstands for Complex-Instruction Set Computer.
22CMDstands for Command.
23CMOSstands for Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor.
24CNRstands for Communication Network Riser.
25CPUstands for Central Processing Unit.
26CRCstands for Cyclic Redundancy Check.
27CRIMMstands for Continuity-Rambus Inline Memory Module.
28CRSstands for Computer Reservation System.
29CRTstands for Cathode Ray Tube.
30CSIstands for Common System Interface.
31CSMAstands for Carrier Sense Multiple Access.
32CSVstands for Comma Separated Values.
33CTCPstands for Client-to-Client Protocol.
34CTLstands for Computation Tree Logic.
35CTSstands for Clear to Send.
36CUAstands for Common User Access.
37CUPSstands for Common-Unix Printing System.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “D”

No.Computer Related AbbreviationsComputer Related Full Forms.
1D2Dstands for Device to Device.
2DACstands for Discretionary Access Control.
3DAPstands for Direct Access Protocol.
4DATstands for Digital Audio Tape.
5DBAstands for Database Administrator.
6DBSNstands for Database Source Name.
7DCEstands for Distributed Computing Environment.
8DDRstands for Double Data Rate.
9DDSstands for Digital Data Storage.
10DECstands for Digital Equipment Corporation.
11DFDstands for Data Flow Diagram.
12DFSstands for Distributed File System.
13DHCPstands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.
14DIMMstands for Dual Inline Memory Module.
15DIVXstands for Digital Video Express.
16DKIMstands for Domain-Keys Identified Mail.
17DLLstands for Data Link Layer.
18DLLstands for Dynamic Link Library.
19DLPstands for Digital Light Processing.
20DLTstands for Distributed Ledger Technology.
21DMAstands for Direct Memory Access.
22DMIstands for Desktop Management Interface.
23DOCstands for Document (as per Microsoft Corporation).
24DOSstands for Disk Operating System.
25DPIstands for Dots Per Inch.
26DPMSstands for Display-Power Management Signaling.
27DRAMstands for Dynamic Random-Access Memory.
28DSHDstands for Double Sided High Density.
29DSLstands for Domain Specific Language.
30DTEstands for Data Terminal Equipment.
31DTPstands for Desktop Publishing.
32DTRstands for Data Terminal Ready.
33DTSstands for Digital Theater System.
34DVDstands for Digital Versatile Disc.
35DVDstands for Digital Video Disc.
36DVEstands for Digital Video Effects.
37DVIstands for Digital Visual Interface.
38DVRstands for Digital Video Recorder.
39DWMstands for Desktop Window Manager.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “E”

No.Computer Related AbbreviationsComputer Related Full Forms.
1EBstands for Exa-bytes.
2EBCDICstands for Extended Binary-Coded Decimal Interchange Code.
3ECPstands for Extended Capabilities Port.
4EDPstands for Electronic Data Processing.
5EEPROMstands for Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.
6EFSstands for Encrypting File System.
7EGPstands for Exterior Gateway Protocol.
8EIDEstands for Enhanced-Integrated Drive Electronics.
9EIGRPstands for Enhanced-Interior Gateway Routing Protocol.
10EISAstands for Extended-Industry Standard Architecture.
11ELFstands for Executable & Linkable Format.
12EMPstands for Electro-Magnetic Pulse.
13ENIstands for Elastic Network Interface.
14ENIACstands for Electronic Numerical Integrator & Computer.
15EOFstands for End of File.
16EPPstands for Enhanced Parallel Port.
17EPROMstands for Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory.
18ERDstands for Emergency Repair Disk.
19ERPstands for Enterprise Resource Planning.
20ESDstands for Electro Static Discharge.
21EVCstands for Ethernet Virtual Circuit.
22EVDOstands for Evolution Data Optimized/Evolution Data Only.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “F”

No.Computer Related AbbreviationsComputer Related Full Forms.
1FATstands for File Allocation Table.
2FCPGAstands for Flip-Chip Pin Grid Array.
3FCSstands for Frame Check Sequence.
4FDCstands for Floppy Disk Controller.
5FDDstands for Floppy Disk Drive.
6FDDIstands for Fiber Distributed Data Interface.
7FDMAstands for Frequency-Division Multiple Access.
8FHSstands for Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.
9FPUstands for Floating Point Unit.
10FTPstands for File Transfer Protocol.
11FXPstands for File Exchange Protocol.
12FYAstands for For Your Action.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “G”

No.Computer Related AbbreviationsComputer Related Full Forms.
1GBstands for Gigabytes.
2GBPSstands for Gigabits Per Second.
3GCRstands for Group Code Recording.
4GDIstands for Graphics Device Interface.
5GIFstands for Graphics Interchange Format.
6GIGOstands for Garbage-In, Garbage-Out.
7GISstands for Geographical Information system.
8GMAILstands for Graphical Mail.
9GPstands for Graphics port.
10GPLstands for General Public License.
11GPUstands for Graphics Processing Unit.
12GUIstands for Graphical User Interface.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “H”

No.Computer Related AbbreviationsComputer Related Full Forms.
1HALstands for Hardware Abstraction Layer.
2HANstands for Home Area Network.
3HCIstands for Human Computer Interaction.
4HCLstands for Hardware Compatibility List.
5HDstands for High Definition.
6HDDstands for Hard Disk Drive.
7HDMIstands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface.
8HHDstands for Hybrid Hard Drive.
9HIDstands for Human Interface Device.
10HIGstands for Human Interface Guidelines.
11HPstands for Hewlett Packard.
12HPCstands for High-Performance Computing.
13HPFSstands for High Performance File System.
14HSDPAstands for High-Speed Downlink Packet Access.
15HSPAstands for High Speed Packet Access.
16HSSIstands for High-Speed Serial Interface.
17HSUPAstands for High-Speed Up-link Packet Access.
18HTMstands for Hierarchical Temporal Memory.
19HTPCstands for Home Theatre Personal-Computer.
20HTTPstands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
21HTTPSstands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.
22HTXstands for Hyper Transport Expansion.
23HVDstands for Holographic Versatile Disk.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “I”

ICP stands for Internet Cache Protocol.

ICR stands for Intelligent Character Recognition.

ICS stands for Internet Connection Sharing.

IGRP stands for Interior-Gateway Routing Protocol.

IHV stands for Independent Hardware Vendor.

IIOP stands for Internet Inter-ORB Protocol.

IIS stands for Internet Information Services.

IMAP stands for Internet-Message Access Protocol.

IOS stands for iPhone Operating System.

IOS stands for Internetwork Operating System.

IP stands for Internet Protocol.

IPC stands for Inter-Process Communication.

IPP stands for Internet Printing Protocol.

IPV4 stands for Internet Protocol Version- 4.

IPV6 stands for Internet Protocol Version- 6.

IPX stands for Internetwork Packet Exchange.

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.

IRQ stands for Interrupt Request.

ISA stands for Instruction Set Architecture.

ISA stands for Industry Standard Architecture.

ISC stands for Internet Storm Center.

ISCSI stands for Internet Small-Computer Storage Interface.

ISH stands for Information Super Highway.

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider.

ISR stands for Interrupt Service Routine.

ISV stands for Independent Software Vendor.

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “J”

JPEG stands for Joint-Photographic Experts Group.

JPG stands for Joint-Photographic Expert Group.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “K”

KB stands for Kilo-bytes.

KBPS stands for Kilobits Per Second.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “L”

LAN stands for Local Area Network.

LBA stands for Logical Block Addressing.

LDAP stands for Lightweight-Directory Access Protocol.

LLC stands for Logical Link Control.

LPX stands for Low Profile Extension.

LSB stands for Least Significant Byte.

LSI stands for Large Scale Integration.

LSTM stands for Long Short-Term Memory.

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “M”

M3G stands for Mobile 3D Graphics.

MAC stands for Media Access Control.

Mac stands for Macintosh.

MA stands for Machine learning.

MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network.

MAPI stands for Messaging-Application Program Interface.

MB stands for Mega-bytes.

MBCS stands for Multi-Byte Character Set.

MBR stands for Master Boot Record.

MBSA stands for Microsoft-Baseline Security Analyzer.

MCR stands for Multivariant Curve Resolution.

MDI stands for Multiple Document Interface.

MFA stands for Multi-Factor Authentication.

MFD stands for Multi-Function Device.

MFP stands for Multi-Function Product.

MHz stands for Megahertz.

MIDI stands for Musical-Instrument Digital Interface.

MIME stands for Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions.

MIMO stands for Multiple-Input Multiple Output.

MIPS stands for Million-Instructions Per Second.

MIS stands for Management Information System.

MLI stands for Multiple Link Interface.

MMC stands for Microsoft Management Console.

MMU stands for Memory Management Unit.

MMX stands for Multi-Media Extensions.

MNG stands for Multiple-image Network Graphics.

MOSFET stands for Metal-Oxide Semi-conductor Field Effect Transistor.

MPEG stands for Moving-Picture Experts Group.

MPL stands for Mozilla Public License.

MS-DOS stands for Microsoft-Disk Operating System.

MSB stands for Most Significant Bit.

MSB stands for Most Significant Byte.

MSD stands for Most significant Digit.

MSDN stands for Microsoft Developer Network.

MSI stands for Microsoft Installer.

MSI stands for Medium Scale Integration.

MSN stands for Microsoft Networks.

MTA stands for Mail Transfer Agent.

MTBF stands for Mean-Time Between Failure.

MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol.

MUI stands for Multilingual User Interface.

MVS stands for Multiple Vendor System.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “N”

NAP stands for Network Access Point or Network Access Protection.

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage.

NFS stands for Network File System.

NIC stands for Network Interface Card.

NID stands for Network Interface Device.

NIU stands for Network Interface Unit.

NMI stands for Non-Maskable Interrupt.

NMS stands for Network Management System.

NOS stands for Network Operating System.

NTFS stands for New-Technology File System.

NTP stands for Network Time Protocol.

NVRAM stands for Nonvolatile Random-Access Memory.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “O”

OCR stands for Optical Character Reader

OMR stands for Optical Mark Recognition.

OOP stands for Object Oriented programming.

OOPS stands for Object Oriented Programming System.

OS stands for Operating System.

OSI stands for Open Systems Interconnection.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “P”

P2P stands for Peer-To-Peer.

PAL stands for Phase Alternation Line.

PAN stands for Personal Area Network.

PAP stands for Password Authentication Protocol.

PATA stands for Parallel-Advanced Technology Attachment.

PB stands for Peta-bytes.

PC stands for Personal Computer.

PCB stands for Process Control Block.

PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect.

PCM stands for Pulse-Code Modulation.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format.

PDP stands for Plasma Display Panel.

PFA stands for Please Find Attached.

PIC stands for Peripheral Interface Controller.

PINE stands for Program-for-Internet News & Email.

PING stands for Packet InterNet Groper.

PIO stands for Programmed Input/Output.

PKI stands for Public key Infrastructure.

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller.

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics.

POP stands for Post Office Protocol.

POST stands for Power on self test.

PPI stands for Pixels Per Inch.

PPT stands for PowerPoint Presentation.

PSD stands for Photoshop Document.

PSU stands for Power Supply Unit.

PTP stands for Picture Transfer Protocol.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “R”

RAID stands for Redundant-Array of Inexpensive Disks.

RAIT stands for Redundant-Array of Inexpensive Tapes.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory.

RAS stands for Remote Access Service.

RDBMS stands for Relation-Database Management System.

RDF stands for Resource Description Framework.

RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue.

RIFF stands for Resource-Interchange File Format.

RIP stands for Routing Information Protocol.

RIS stands for Remote Installation Service.

RISC stands for Reduced-Instruction Set Computer.

RJ45 stands for Registered Jack 45.

RMA stands for Returned Materials Authorization.

ROM stands for Read Only Memory.

RPM stands for RedHat Package Manager.

RTOS stands for Realtime Operating System.

RTS stands for Realtime Streaming.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “S”

SAN stands for Storage Area Network.

SAP stands for System Application & Products.

SATA stands for Serial-Advanced Technology Attachment.

SBU stands for Standard Build Unit.

SCSI stands for Small-Computer System Interface.

SDL stands for Software & Documentation Localization.

SDN stands for Service Delivery Network.

SDR stands for Software Defined Radio.

SEC stands for Single Edge Connector.

SFC stands for System File Checker.

SFF stands for Small Form Factor.

SGRAM stands for Synchronous Graphics RAM (Random Access Memory).

SHDSL stands for Single pair Highspeed Digital Subscriber Line.

SIMD stands for Single-Instruction Multiple Data.

SIMM stands for Single Inline Memory Module.

SIS stands for Security & Intelligence Services.

SIS stands for Safety Instrumented System.

SMBIOS stands for System Management BIOS.

SMPS stands for Switched Mode Power Supply.

SMTP stands for Simple-Mail Transfer Protocol.

SNMP stands for Simple-Network Management Protocol.

SOA stands for Service Oriented Architecture.

SOAP stands for Simple-Object Access Protocol.

SONET stands for Synchronous Optical Networking.

SPARC stands for Scalable Processor Architecture.

SPI stands for Serial Peripheral Interface.

SPSS stands for Statistical Package Social Sciences.

SRAM stands for Static Random-Access Memory.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

STP stands for Spanning Tree Protocol.

STP stands for Shielded Twisted Pair.

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics.

SVGA stands for Super-Video Graphics Array.

SWF stands for Shock Wave Flash.

SXGA stands for Super-Extended Graphics Array.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “T”

TB stands for Terabytes.

TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol.

TCP/IP stands for Transmission-Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.

TDR stands for Time Domain Reflectometer.

TFTP stands for Trivial-File Transfer Protocol.

TGT stands for Ticket Granting Ticket.

TPDU stands for Transaction-Protocol Data Unit.

TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module.

TPS stands for Transaction Per Second or Transaction Processing System.

TPU stands for Tensor Processing Unit.

TSI stands for Time Slot Interchange.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “U”

UAC stands for User Account Control.

UART stands for Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter.

UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol.

UEFI stands for Unified-Extensible Firmware Interface.

ULSI stands for Ultra Large-Scale Integration.

UNICS stands for UNiplexed-Information Computing System.

UNIVAC stands for Universal Automatic Computer.

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply.

URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier.

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

URN stands for Uniform Resource Name.

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus.

UTF stands for Unicode Transformation Format.

UTP stands for Unshielded Twisted Pair-Cable.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “V”

VAN stands for Value-Added Network.

VCR stands for Video Cassette Recorder.

VDC stands for Video Display Controller.

VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

VDU stands for Video Display Unit.

VFS stands for Virtual File System.

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array.

VGCT stands for Video Graphics Character-Table.

VIRUS stands for Vital-Information Resource Under Siege.

VLAN stands for Virtual LAN (Local Area Network).

VLC stands for Video LAN Client.

VLSI stands for Very Large-Scale Integration.

VM stands for Virtual Machine.

VM stands for Virtual Memory.

VOIP stands for Voice-Over Internet Protocol.

VPG stands for Virtual Private Gateway.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

VPU stands for Visual Processing Unit.

VRAM stands for Video RAM (Random Access Memory).

VT stands for Video Terminal.

VXLAN stands for Virtual-Extensible LAN (Local Area Network).

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “W”

WAN stands for Wide Area Network.

WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol.

WAV stands for Waveform Audio.

WBMP stands for Wireless BitMap Image.

WDDM stands for Windows-Display Driver Model.

WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy.

WIFI stands for Wireless Fidelity.

WINS stands for Windows-Internet Name Service.

WLAN stands for Wireless LAN (Local Area Network).

WMA stands for Windows Media Audio.

WMF stands for Windows Metafile.

WMV stands for Windows Media Video.

WPA stands for Wireless Protected Access.

WPAN stands for Wireless PAN (Personal Area Network).

WUSB stands for Wireless USB (Universal Serial Bus).

WUXGA stands for Wide-Ultra Extended Graphics Array.

WWAN stands for Wireless WAN (Wide Area Network).

WWW stands for World Wide Web.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “X”

No.Computer Related AbbreviationsComputer Related Full Forms.
1XGAstands for Extended Graphics Array.
2XMFstands for Extensible Music File.
3XMPPstands for Extensible-Messaging & Presence Protocol.
4XMSstands for Extended Memory Specification.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “Y”

No.Computer Related AbbreviationsComputer Related Full Forms.
1YBstands for Yotta Byte.

Computer Related Full Forms Starting With “Z”

No.Computer Related AbbreviationsComputer Related Full Forms.
1ZBstands for Zetta bytes.
2ZCSstands for Zero Code Suppression.
3ZIFstands for Zero Insertion-Force.
4ZIPstands for Zig zag Inline Package, Zone Information Protocol or Zig zag inline Package.
5ZISCstands for Zero-Instruction Set Computer.
6ZIFSstands for Zero-Insertion Force Socket.
7ZMAstands for Zone Multicast Address.


While there may be other full forms related to computers, the above list covers the most important computer related full forms to know. What’s more, some abbreviations like ZIP may have more than one full form as seen above.

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